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When we say bespoke at Light Up North, we really do mean completely bespoke!

Here is the place where you can choose your size, your font, your colour & your design. This is where we turn your idea into neon wire.  We love this part! 

We will work with you to make something very special, something unique to you and a piece of work no one else will ever have.  
Just tell us a little bit about your idea and we can do the rest!  We are happy to work with all kinds of ideas so send us the doodle from your napkin, an image of your children’s writing, or a sign you have seen in a a glossy magazine and we can work on bringing your idea to 'light'.

light up north bespoke neon el wire sign
light up north bespoke neon el wire sign

As with all of our works, your bespoke piece will come with everything you need just to plug it in and hang it on the wall. It is possible to have either a mains or a battery pack; please just let us know which would work best for you.

We usually need four weeks to design and make your piece. We like to do a good job and for our customers to be 100% happy, so make sure you plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

At times of exceptionally high demand, we might need to extend our production time frame, but we’ll let you know. If you have a closer deadline or need to discuss this, please do get in touch; it may be possible to charm the workshop with a bag of jelly babies. 

starting Point...

We can create your sign with almost anything as a starting point: your childs drawing, lyrics from your favourite song, an idea drawn on the back of a napkin or a particular inspiration from something you love.

Using both our creativity and technical knowledge, we will work with you to tweak your design until you are 100% happy and your design can be shown in the best possible way.

Johnni, aged 8, original dinosaur drawing.

Johnni, aged 8, original dinosaur drawing.

Infinite Materials...


We love a challenge, so push us, test us, bring us your ideas, glass, mirror, copper, brass? You name it, we would love to give it a go. You may have a work of art that could do with some added glow, or your family portrait that needs preserving as a permanent light installation. Maybe 25 characters just isn’t enough for what you have to say? We know what works well,  and we can guide you, but know that we’re always up for a new challenge, so don't be afraid to let us know your ideas, and the materials really can be infinite. 

Wire Colour.....


Each colour shines in its own right; it’s a personal choice and can be something as simple as your favourite colour.

Think about where you are going to put your bespoke piece. Look at the space, the tones and the textures of the room, and try to choose a colour that will work well with the colour palette. Give a pop of colour to an otherwise plain room, or even add a contrasting colour for an even more stand out feature.


Once your decisions have been made and your design is ready to go, it's then down to our team of artisan craftsmen to create your unique piece of art.

All of our materials are of the highest quality, and every aspect of your final product is handmade in our North Yorkshire workshop.

We have a wonderful small team at Light Up North, and each one of them shares our values in delivering a high quality product and exceptional customer service. Every detail is crafted with precision and perfection to ensure you receive the finest creation possible.

We hand make all of our signs with complete attention to detail.

We hand make all of our signs with complete attention to detail.

Completed 'I love daddy' sign by Johnni aged 8.

Completed 'I love daddy' sign by Johnni aged 8.

Bespoke Gallery...

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