Light up North meets the Organised Mum, god help us!!


When I’m not making neon signs. You may know from watching my stories that I’m a mum of three young children, with one having some complicated additional needs. I squeeze as much work as I can into the hours I can carve. My husband is an officer in the Army, so he is sometimes here, and sometimes not. He is currently in the middle of the desert for four months and we miss him. My point being I’m busy, my time is full.

I’m very lucky not to be someone who is plagued by the need to live in an Instagram ready house! At this present moment, my bedroom looks like an aid depot, and at this point of my business, I am both time and cash poor! ‘The most brilliant of combinations’ said no one! My house is very busy. I would describe it as ‘used’, and I urgently needed a housework solution to help me keep on top of my home, rather than feeling like it’s on top of me! It looked like having to pay for a cleaner would be the only option.  I didn’t want to do this, as I couldn’t really afford it, and to be honest, I want to spend the money on getting the rooms decorated. I surely could do it if I could just find a way.

Then, as if Instagram stories heard my cry’s, there she was, Gemma and “The Organised Mum Method. TOMM” Gemma’s whole ethos is that there is more to life than housework, and that we should be able to enjoy weekends housework free, and 8 weeks ago it felt like my weekends were only house work!! I’ll leave you to check out how the method works, but just know that you are not on your own. Gemma provides a rocking playlist and when the 30 minutes is up, that’s it, you’re done! You will completely surprise yourself as 30 mins is all you really need.  You finish a winner and a feeling like a queen! I love it.

Follow the plan and you will see that it really does work. Instagram and Facebook are full of people talking about how liberated they feel from their housework. I need to live in a clean and tidy (ish) house, just because its easier! I haven’t got time to be looking for socks for half an hour, but Team TOMM has been really aiding me to stay on track and I can say that I’m completely converted to the cause.

When Gemma announced her ‘Organised Christmas Plan’ I instantly sat straight up. I need all the help I can get! That husband gets back from the desert four days before Christmas… great! I’ve donated our Peace on Earth sign as a prize. You deserve it. I think that the organised mum method has helped me to restore some peace back into my home and my mind, and I’m grateful for that.

Peace on Earth is an important sign to Light up North. As we move around our workshop we listen to the radio. Two Christmases ago, when Light up North was very very young, the news was dominated by the suffering in Syria. We felt compelled to do something and to shed a little light on the peril of children there, so we made Peace on Earth as a piece we could auction for UNICEF.

I’m afraid that although it’s not in the Brexit dominated news nowadays, the situation for many children in many parts of the world has sadly not improved very much. We still make our Peace on Earth sign, with £50 from every sale still donated to UNICEF, and I have to say I think it’s my personal favourite. It really sums up the gratitude and security that I feel in my warm and cosy home, surrounded by my family in the midst of festivities. Stick to the plan, and you too can have a housework free Christmas in a clean, tidy house. That might just be the best present ever, and of course having that husband of mine home.

Peace on Earth illuminated el neon sign

Peace on Earth illuminated el neon sign