As seen on TV, Old house to New Home

This is limited edition… and we mean it!

We were thrilled and delighted when we were approached by the designers working on behalf of Channel 4’s darling George Clarke. They had come across our work in EL Neon and were looking for a piece that was suitable for a bathroom. “Old house to New Home” returns to rock the primetime interior slot on a Thursday Night. From the stable of grand designs, amazing spaces, location, location, I don’t need to tell you, Channel 4 have for so long led the charge of bringing inspirational and aspirational interiors to our very own television screens.  Thankyou at @amazingproductions for finding us.

For those of you who are not familiar with the show, people seek design advice to remedy some tough solutions both practically and aesthetically. Last night show saw a couple from Hastings whose master suite needed renovating and maximising too its potential. I hope that you will agree we helped bring it to the suave Gentlemen’s club it is today. Of course, we cannot deny that George himself was a big draw. Just like us, he is a huge cheerleader for the North East, and how it makes our hearts sing to hear a regional accent on the telly!

For the show, we took our very popular, classic, gold Gentleman’s club EL neon and gave it a cheeky twist. “Pink to make the boys wink” we say! I think the pink toned with the green, in the program, was gorgeous. I’ve always loved that colour combination, I’m delighted it so popular right now.

We hope that our designs always bring the fun and frivolity. That we Light up North a little bit of humour just in time for the party season. Do you have an interior that could do with a bit of a jolly up? This is an easy way to inject some fun. It’s 60cm by 30 cm, so you don’t need a lot of space. This piece is supplied with four locators to fix it onto the wall, so there’s not a lot of DIY skills required (always a win!) You can request to have a battery pack, or a 12v mains plug is supplied as standard. All of our EL neon’s also come with an extension lead that is easy to hide. And that’s it!  

All our pieces are handmade in our workshop. We don’t think designs have to be stiff and straight lined; there is plenty of room for the cheeky, the subversive and the funny!

P.S. Everything is tested and packed with love by our Ellie. She is super busy at this time of year, and I must just say again there will only be 100 of these ever made. When they are gone….they will be gone.