Customer service to dazzle like a Las Vegas casino

In our pursuit to be the best El Neon wire company in the world, Ellie and I recently attended some excellent training provided by the renowned customer service speaker, Ted Stone. He is an American Expat from Texas, who moved to the UK 14 years ago. Having left a previous life working in a VIP lounge of a huge Las Vegas casino, he moved here to start a new life in Yorkshire. He didn’t say, but a move like that must have been made for love (or maybe witness protection!) If you ever get the chance to listen to Ted talk, please do so, and you will know exactly what I mean; he definitely brought Las Vegas to Sunderland!

The training itself was how to give your customers a VIP service and to make everyone feel like they were first class. As intended to, it made me consider so many elements of our customers journey for their neon signage. I really do want to make sure that all the basic bits are done well, and that expectation of high quality service will be our expected level of normal.  

I need to be honest and say that sometimes things can go wrong (and we do have fights with El wire and neon letters!) This certainly isn’t desirable, but predictable. It happens to every business and organisation in existence. What matters though is how you/we as a company deal with it. It’s something we all must go through at some point in our lives, but we learn and gain new skills from our mistakes. We began like children, who hid when something went wrong. We found those conversations with customers difficult, afraid of problems and fearful of the interactions.

I think that we have matured from this position. As said in his presentation “If you (the company) say it first, it’s an explanation. If the customer asks you first, it’s an excuse.”

That’s our grown-up position now. We don’t want anything to go wrong. Each piece we make is handmade with care in our workshop here in Yorkshire. We test each neon sign in production, upon completion, and during packing. Then we pack and wrap like crazy. Ellie is becoming a master at the technique! We do not want your work of art, your special light, to be faulty!! Please do see how hard we try to avoid that. Unfortunately, sometimes things do go wrong, and that makes us sad. When you make something by hand, you cannot help but to invest something of yourself into your work. We enjoy the stories, like the designs, love what we do, and we all think that the best part of our job is that we get to make special things for people.  

We get attached to our work, so the worst call to get is the one where something has gone wrong. I get incensed when the call says that something has been broken in the post, but my war with couriers may be for a whole other blog!

So, we know that that the best thing to do is to stay in touch and help you as quickly as we can. We have a dedicated email for all support related issues and Dave will call you to talk through the problem initially. If we cannot solve the problem over the phone, the information is then passed onto Ellie to get the light back to the workshop and to be fixed. Then throughout the time that your sign is being fixed, Ellie keeps in contact with you, giving updates and answering any questions that occur.

Please be assured that we really care about you and your sign, and we want you to be happy with not only the product, but the service too! This is why customer service techniques and skills are so important to us. There is always something new to learn as we know from being on this brilliant training experience.