Not just your average hash tag comp. #myhousethismonth

#myhousethismonth sees its annual return in August. We thoroughly enjoyed joining in last year, so we leapt at the chance to provide a top prize again for 2018!
Here is the only chance this summer to win your own bespoke neon light!!

When we sponsored the competition n In 2017, I was quickly overwhelmed by the quality of the content up loaded by you wonderful lot. Hundred’s of images, made in a daily response to a prompt. Everyone being asked to post something on the same theme, yet each image incredibly different. So many of a standard that glossy magazines would be proud of, let alone amateur insta interioristas  just snapping on their phones.  This hash tag also provides an honesty that isn’t necessarily present in a magazine shoot. All your posts are raw insights into your homes and your interiors. It was such a privilege to see into your styling lives.  The standard of entry was superbly high and we are very pleased to be associated with such quality again in 2018.

Along with all your individual styles came the commitment!! This isn’t any old “tag and like” kind of competition. This is the marathon of all hash tag competitions. This could be an Olympic sport! This is 31 days of planned and curated social media content. I know all to well, how that that takes a huge amount of planning. Some companies pay someone to do that, as a full-time job!! You are doing it for fun! I know that this takes a huge amount of time and planning, you are fantastic, I see how hard you play at this. You do deserve an amazing prize!

This year we are offering the prize from our tailored section of the website. We thought that you would like to design your own Light Up North original. I know that if you have interior game enough to have won #myhousethismonth, I’m confident that you have enough game to design something completely brilliant.  Choose your backing, choose your neon wire colour, the font you would like and finally, and probably the hardest part, decide what you want it to say.
Easy right?…… do tell all your loved ones that this is what you are playing for, just in case they need a Christmas present ideas for you.

So all you have to do is nail that content!

Good luck from all at LUN. We'll be playing along, loving your posts and wishing you well.