Five star reviews, worth their weight in gold.


Have you ever been on a holiday that is going so well; everything a holiday should be. When you slice the bread it even cuts in heart shapes? That’s what’s happening to us right now. Every ice cream is available at the shop with not a single variety sold out! Plenty of loungers around the pool. Cloud free, blue skies, day in day out. It really could not be going any better.

Taking a break from making neon signs, we have come back to the same campsite we have been coming to for the last 8 years. We have such an emotional attachment to this place. My children have all learnt to swim in the pools here, scooted and biked around and grown up year by year, as has this family run camp site. The staff greet our return with kisses, heck this year, we were even collected at the airport by the head of entertainment! We love it here so much and when it’s time for us to leave, I will cry. I do every time. I will only be able to depart knowing that we have already paid the deposit for next year!

If only there was some valuable, meaningful way to let the staff here know how much we love them. That we would never dare to risk the most precious two weeks of our year anywhere else. It is high praise indeed. If only there was some way to thank them for all their hard work, that the grounds look amazing, that the pools are spotless, that the new festoon lights are so my thing, that the lick of paint in the restaurant area really has done the job! The entertainment has been as glitzy and fun as ever. The efforts of the little camp shop to bring wine tasting and fun pineapple peeling are not wasted on us!

The good news is that there of course is a way we can show them how much we enjoy our time here, and how grateful we are for all the added extras this wonderful little campsite provides!

A review!
A good review for a company is worth its weight in gold stars. I know that. When I shop online I read everything, especially for a bespoke or considered item. This would certainly be true for something as important as a holiday or a personal gift. Luxury items don’t come easy for many right now, so they must be trusted and considered purchases. We all know to help people in this decision making process, and that's why reviews are what's needed.

So what I shall do is this. I will spend a little time writing it all down for them, putting it into print, and leave it somewhere that will help future customers decide to come here. I will feel very altruistic in this act. Horray! Just the thought of it is making me feel very warm inside! I hope that it helps Camping le Dauphin and I would love other families to know how great this place is. I will make a special endeavour to make this happen and find some time to convert the review from my head into a Trip Advisor comment. It will be five stars from the Krause family for sure, again.

I would love it too if my customers did the same for Light up North, and I hope that the new website gives you chance to do that. I get such amazing messages about how people love our work so much. The act of leaving us a review is soo helpful. Please do and know that we value your feedback so much, we're not just saying it.

you can just follow this link, if thats helpful

You can check out some of our current reviews here. Feel free to send yours over to us, that would be so kind. with an image and yours will be on our reviews wall next month!