5 Easy steps to designing your dream EL Neon sign

Five easy steps to designing your dream El Neon sign


 “I just don’t know what to have?” has to be one of the most frequent questions, but I’m here to help. Trust me, choosing your own custom neon sign really has never been so easy!



This is the definitely the hardest part!  You probably already have an idea of what it is you want to say in neon wire, and we just need to get it down on paper. Do you have an inside joke that only makes sense to you and your friends or family? A favourite line from a poem, or a lyric, that means something to you? You may have a fond memory from a holiday or special occasion that you want to record forever in light? Or an inspirational quote that keeps you going?

I suggest keeping a list on the fridge, but don’t over think it and feel under pressure to come up with something cool and witty. I say cool is for the taking and as long as it's what you want, it's perfect. If you're really struggling though, I say that a glass of wine always helps the creative juices flow!

There is no limit of the text you can have, we just need to lay it out. So, if you want a long message, you just need to make sure that you have space to put it. Let me know of the place you want your sign and the measurements, and bespoke pieces can be made to fit the space perfectly.



From here it really does get much easier!

In the tailored section of our website, you can choose from four different backings. Each choice is great, it’s just a matter of thinking about which would be a complimentary choice for your home. Clear, mirror, black framed or my personal favourite, steel. That’s not to say that we won’t consider using anything else. We love a challenge, but these are the four that we know work well and are most popular.

In our tailored section, the signs are 150cm by 30 cm, and we find that this size will usually be enough room for what you want to say. If it’s more than five words, it may start to become a bit squashed. If you do have more than this, it's totally cool, we have your back (no pun intended!)

All we do is order a bigger one!



Have a look at where you want to put your neon light. Consider the tones and any accent colours included in your room that could be enhanced. There are no right or wrong choices. Each colour shines in their own right and it’s completely down to personal choice. I like different combinations, but white has to be my favourite. It's just so classic and looks amazing on steel!




In the tailored section, we have a selection of four fonts that we know you'll love. This is how you really say what your trying to say. These are the fonts we know are strong and stylish. Please do have a long scroll through our insta feed for ideas and inspiration. It's full of posts from happy customers who have styled up their choices!



Our usual lead time is four weeks, and we do everything that we need to do to stick to this time frame. We might need to lengthen this as we get to closer to Christmas though, so really, the message is not to hesitate and to place your orders with plenty of time to avoid disappointment!! Our workshop team are a good bunch, and love to please. I can usually persuade them with a bag of jelly babies, so always get in touch and we can see what we can do! You can place your order via the tailored section of the website or message me at hello@lightupnorth.com and ill guide you through.


So that’s it, its not tricky or sticky We are always here, to help or advise. To make it even easier, we have added free shipping to all orders placed this Bank Holiday weekend. Don’t delay. You are already an interiors Guru, this just made it a bit easier.