A new font in our tailored neon sign section? I should Coco!

We want to make it so easy for you to have the El Neon sign of your dreams. So we have just added  more choice into the tailored section of our website. Another font, another backing and a brand new colour. Let me tempt, i mean, introduce you to these new choices.

Our new font is called Coco. A lovely fluid script font. Looser than our other choices, more relaxed than other scripts. I love that its so fluid and open. I would say it’s ideal if you would like your words to look romantic and whimsical.


We are also introducing a new backing, we are calling it “Rusted steel”. This lets us add our own nod to the rustic modern trend that is so desirable right now. Our steel is weathered and worn, full of character and depth. No two pieces can ever be the same, making your custom sign truly one of a kind. We love that our EL neon wire cuts a modern swath through the metal. Completing a totally new and contemporary look. This backing demands that people pay attention to what you are saying, its not wishy washy. Its hard and gritty, in a sit up and notice me kind of way. we love its hard heart,


We have had blue in the tailored section all along, but now we add “Tron.” We are not sure its official called Tron. That just our affectionate nick name, because it make us think of the 80s film. I would describe it as a crisp  turquoise green, blue. I love it, honestly I think Tron and white are my  favourite.

The tailored section allows you to  mix and match.  You can choose your custom neon, exactly as you would like it. You might like our New Coco font on a back framed piece in white neon light, that is great, have it, your way.  Maybe you would like to make a bold statement in the Bowen font on the new rustic steel backing, again, shout it loudly, its all down to you. all the original choices still remain. Mirror  as a choice will be important as we head into the bling of the party season.  Ive said it lots of times, don't feel intimidate looking for the “cool” you are already an interiors Guru, we are just helping you get it out there. “Cool is for the taking,” that is a sign I really need to make.


Our new font Coco on Roughened steel