Write it and Light it

Even more choice in our tailored section. We know, size does mater really!

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Unlimited choices in the tailored section of our website

we know.. size does mater sometimes.

Are you someone who suffers from not having enough space and time to make your point? Me too! Sometimes I think that the only way I might ever get what I want to say heard is to “Write it and light it!” I want to shout about lots of things, I want to make people laugh, I want to remember important times and events in my life and sometime, I wish I could just think of that cool funny statement I’ve seen others have! Bloomin Pinterest! Maybe that’s why I’m in the job I’m in. I should be able to keep a rolling stock of EL neon’s going through my house.

So that was very much what we wanted to do for you with the expansion of our tailored pieces. Each backing style can now be ordered in five different sizes. Each size has a different character allowance for when you have more, or less to say. We know the limits of the EL wire, and we know when too much text just looks squashed in and illegible.  Go with it, but most importantly we think that we have a much more choice for you now. I know size does matter.

Light up North makes everything here in our workshops in North Yorkshire. We’ve just moved into a new space which is awesome, but I’ll tell you about that another day. What it means, is that we have more space to make even better pieces for you, and we have room for all the stock that we need.

We have tried to make it easier for you to add your statement piece to your interior, and to make your personality add glow in our tailored section. Have a look and let us know what you think, you may feel like we have missed something obvious, please let us know.

The bespoke service is still the place to come if your project still doesn’t quite fit all of these choices, that’s no problem at all. As always we love to hear your ideas so don’t hesitate to get in touch. We still can help you have something very special and unique. We are working all the time to develop or products, to add cut to shape possibilities, to look at new light sources and to illuminate prints more and more. We love innovation at Light up North and are excited to be developing, learning and growing all the time. The day we think we know it all will be the day that we are not trying hard enough.


We now have five sizes in clear, mirror and unframed black perspex – and that’s five different word counts too. We want to make sure that you all have enough space to say everything that you want to.