What is EL Wire…

EL Wire is the mysterious commodity that makes our signs glow so bright, illuminating our work or your very own bespoke designs to light up any room. Known as EL Wire by most, the technical term for it is actually electroluminescent wire and was originally invented for practical uses such as safety lighting and vehicle structural decoration design. Due to its immense diversity in colour, flexibility and length, it soon became clear that the possibilities were endless with EL Wire. Toys, Christmas Decorations, clothing and now art have adopted EL wire and its versatility.

How it Works…

EL Wire is made up of 5 components. Firstly a thin copper wire as the core surrounded by the phosphor, a fine wire is then spiralled around the phosphor then an outer ITO layer is coated over. A clear PVC protective layer covers everything before a final coloured layer of PVC is added to create that fluorescent and vibrant light we all love!

But if we’re honest were not bothered about the “technical stuff”. We love that we are able to use this brill material to create artwork that can brighten up any space, stand out and impress!

Take a look at our current collection now and find a Piece for your own home. Or if your feeling inspired enquire about your very own bespoke piece.