TEST 'Tailored' in Rolled Steel

TEST 'Tailored' in Rolled Steel


Know exactly what you want to say? Say it here!

Create your own tailored sign with your own quote or favourite saying

Combine your favourite font, wire colour and backing and we’ll do the rest!

flick through the images to see a few of our favourite combinations!

Each piece of work from light up North is tested in our workshop. Each work comes with a 3m extension lead which Connects to a regular AC/DC 12V power supply. A UK mains plug is supplied as standard. International plugs will be supplied as relevant. Please just let us know if you would prefer to be supplied with a battery pack.

Select your options and ADD TO CART you will then be prompted to add your custom text (max 25 characters) and we will begin creating your personalised masterpiece!

Wire Colour:
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