The Light up North story is the classic tale of a good idea, that developed around the dining room table. In 2016 after a long and expensive, still not finished renovation, I wanted a cool light, but with out the not so cool price tags. We stumbled across EL wire and as they say the rest is history.

Fortunately, with a lot of sleepless nights and determination of steel Light up North has grown since 2017 to become the fledgling brand it is today. We run our own space, over three workshops. We now employ 6 staff, including myself. The future looks bright as we continue to try to create brilliant illuminated art.

Light up North makes bespoke EL neon lights and illuminated art from our workshops in our home town of Saltburn by the sea, in North Yorkshire. Everyone at light up North is driven to deliver our work with the best of British design, superb customer service, expert man and expert manufacturing. We will deliver your precious pieces with an expert execution. And if we don’t let us know, we want to get better all the time.

Light up North wants to help you to Light up your life. Your own unique piece from us is an easy way to add personality and character to your already gorgeous interior. Now with a few years of talking and meeting our customers we know that they are looking for something a little different, interior decoration that is unique to them. We have learnt from all the wonderful feedback that we receive,  that our customers have a different relationship with “stuff”. Our customers want to invest in something that is special to them, that will stand the test on time.  It can’t be found on the high street, because it was made just for them. We say t a lot, but we are very lucky to make special things for special people.

We are trying to do this in a way that has as little impact on our environment as possible. We want to bring employment and opportunities to this small coastal town. We are committed to ensuring that our staff are able to work in a safe, clean and encouraging environment. Where everybody can get what they need from the time they put into the company.  We want our staff to be challenged and constantly growing. We are a good company by design. So do hit us with your most fanciful ideas, let just see what we can do!

Over the years we have learnt new ways to design and create beautiful things. We have worked hard to learn how to be able to hear your idea, and turn it into something beautiful and unique.    Its simply that our reason for being is to bring you beautiful EL neon creations, made by our hands to your home.