Fa La La La la EL neon Christmas wreath

Fa La La La la EL neon Christmas wreath


Deck your halls with all of this opulent lushness and the EL neon wreath of dreams. Full of more Christmas wonderland than you ever imagined. This illuminated wreath says Christmas over and over again, new for 2019 this is the contemporary Christmas wreath your interior deserves.

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Each piece of work from Light up North is handmade and tested extensively in our workshop in Saltburn by the sea. Each piece comes with a 3m extension lead which connects to a regular AC/DC 12v power supply. A UK mains plug is supplied as standard International plugs can be supplied as needed. Please just let us know if you would prefer to be supplied with a battery pack.

Please do note that we are proud to be specialists in Electroluminescent wire, commonly known as EL neon. This is a different product to LED neon or traditional glass neon.

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