Don’t feel the pressure of trying to think of something cool or witty. You know what to have already, and your sign will be really special and unique. 

Our tailored signs are 150cm by 30 cm and we find this is generally the perfect size for what people want to say. If you're looking for something in a different size, then head over to our Bespoke section and send us your spec details for a quote.

Take a look below to see how you can create your own tailored sign.



Start by choosing one of our four most popular backings.


Clear Perspex

Fully transparent perspex with your choice of text, font and colour.


Rolled Steel

High grade rolled steel with your choice of text, font and colour.


Black Perspex

High gloss black perspex with your choice of text, font and colour.


Mirrored Perspex

Mirrored perspex with your choice of text, font and colour.


The next step is to choose your font. There are no rules, it’s completely your choice and cool is for the taking we say.


Wire Colour...

Each colour shines in their own right. It’s a personal choice and can be something as simple as your favourite colour.

Have a think about where you are going to put your bespoke piece; look at the space, the tones and the textures of the room and try choose a colour that will work well with the colour palette. Give a pop of colour to an otherwise plain room, or even add a contrasting colour for an even more stand out feature.



The most popular of iridescent neon dreams will add style to any living space. This hot pink  is not just for babies and princesses.



From 80s movies fantasies, not green not blue, a perfect tone for so many contemporary interiors.



Ice Ice Baby, this white is sharp and cuts through the darkness. It’s a very clean and bright glow.



The most subtle of ways to add drama to your lights. This gold glows with the radiance of sunshine, or a vintage light bulb. It's beautiful.

Tailored Product Examples

  Rolled Steel  with  'Bowen'  in  White .

Rolled Steel with 'Bowen' in White.

  Clear Perspex  with  'Leyla'  in  Pink .

Clear Perspex with 'Leyla' in Pink.

  Black Perspex  with  'Piccolo'  in  Tron .

Black Perspex with 'Piccolo' in Tron.

  Mirrored Perspex  with  'Johnni'  in  Orange .

Mirrored Perspex with 'Johnni' in Orange.

  Roughened Steel  with  'Coco'  in  Tron.

Roughened Steel with 'Coco' in Tron.

That's it! Easy as 1, 2, 3!
Simply head over to our shop and choose the tailored product with your choice of backing from our product collection to begin creating your masterpiece!